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Altar cards

Altar cards
Basilica of Bom Jesus, Old Goa
Late 17th Century
Dimensions:     (a) 44.5 x 48 cms
(b) 30 x 27 cms
(c) 30 x 26 cms
Conservation Cost : Rs. 27,000

Altar cards were written tablets placed on the altar and used to jog the memory of the priest when celebrating the Mass.
Of the set of three altar cards in the collection, the altar card in the middle has the longest text about the consecration of the bread and wine, flanked by texts from the Gospel of St. John on the left and offertory prayers for the Mass on the right.
All three altar cards are rather unusual in form and decoration. The central one stands upright on a support and has a sinuous border with rounded pinnacles, also evident in the other two.
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