Amenities for everyone
To make your visit as comfortable as possible, here are the facilities we provide at the museum.

Wheelchair access is available at the cafe, the courtyard, the lower level and the upper level of the museum, with the exceptions of our washrooms. While MoCA attempts to make a visit to the museum a comfortable experience for all, our location within a heritage building restrains our ability to provide access to certain parts of the museum for those with wheelchairs and mobility difficulties.
The museum ground floor has well-furnished lockers for visitors to store bags, backpacks, water bottles, and packages. Personal items are not allowed near the museum collection.
Our washrooms are on the museum's ground level.
Audio Guides
Audio guides for our collection are available at the museum ticket counter right when you enter the building
The MoCA café located on our beautiful courtyard serves a delicious range of snacks and beverages.
Time 10 a.m - 5p.m
MoCA Shop
Our Museum’s shop entry is free for all.
Check out our range of merchandise at
Parking and Drop Off
Minivan and car parking is available on the premises. You may drop off and pick up your group at the museum’s main entrance.
Lost and Found
Lost or found objects may be deposited at the Museum Ticket counter.
Visitors must take care of their personal belongings. The Museum is not responsible for loss of belongings
Guided Tours and Walks
We have curated walks for groups of 10-20 people
for more information, visit our Guided Tours, What’s On or Contact pages
Venue For Hire
The Church of Santa Monica is available for sacred music concerts, exhibitions, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, seminars related to the promotion and education of art and culture.

The Museum Courtyard is available for book launches, museum theme birthday parties and other similar events.

Prior advance booking of three weeks is required.
For further inquiries, please Contact Us