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Christian Art: Goa’s unique artistic Heritage

Heta Pandit is the founder member the Goa Heritage Action Group.

She has worked with Dr Jane Goodall on chimpanzee research in Tanzania, East Africa. In 1983, volunteered with an NGO in Bombay advocating heritage conservation. She came to Goa in 1995 and continued writing on heritage. She has written 9 books and is currently working on Grinding Stories Volume II and a translation of Mrs Pournima Kerkar’s book 'Vismrutichya Umbarthyavar', on the forgotten domestic objects of Goa.

The Museum of Christian Art, Se Cathedral, Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church and Convent of Santa Monica and many other churches and convents around Old Goa hold a treasure trove of some of the finest works of art in Goa.

Through a presentation of art objects and murals which continue to adorn the walls and ceilings of many of these monuments, Heta Pandit and Natasha Fernandes highlighted the invaluable contribution of local artisans, builders and artists in the execution of these works of art.


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