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Heritage Hour is about The Pilgrim Photographer.

This month's Heritage Hour is about The Pilgrim Photographer.

To be a travel Photographer or a Pilgrim Photographer, do you have to leave Home? Is there an Indian Aesthetic? These are the themes that David de Souza has been exploring.

David started out as a Biochemist and stumbled into photography. A second hand camera some 50 years ago, was like a magic talisman. It led him to be peripatetic, it even earned him a living and is his greatest joy. David lives for producing books despite publishing being in the doldrums and National Geographic going belly up as he says.

The world of AI threatens Photography as photography did to Painting.

The talk at MoCA is more about asking questions than providing answers. It will focus on the new book The Jesuits, Goa and the Arts and themes around being a pilgrim.

Join us on 18th November 2023 Saturday, at 4.00 pm, Museum of Christian Art, Old Goa

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